how to make a magnifying glass without water

The usual solution, as many magnifying-glass-toting children already know, is to concentrate sunlight and increase its intensity. Solar thermal plants, for example, use massive arrays of mirrors ... More

how to make a low poly character in blender

Create Game Characters with Blender 4.5 (552 ratings) And we will bake Normal and Ambient Occlusion maps in Blender, from the hi-res sculpt to the low-poly mesh. We will then import these texture maps into Unity and test them on our character in-game. We will look at some of the unique issues regarding UV mapping a character in Blender. We will use the UV mapping tools in Blender ... More

how to open matlab file

name.h files are text header files meant for the compiler. They are not compiled object library files meant for the linker. The library files meant for the linker would be ending in .lib for example. ... More

how to make a dictipnary within dictionary

‘In its draft resolutions, the ANC called on all levels of government to create projects that generated jobs.’ ‘Plans to rejuvenate the River Eden could create dozens of new jobs and bring millions of pounds into the local economy, according to a new report.’ ... More

stardew valley how to make screen smaller

Parents need to know that Stardew Valley is a downloadable hybrid of a farming simulator and a town simulator -- not a simulator in the style of SimCity or even a Microsoft Flight Simulator but more of a "you're dropped down into a small town to start your own farm and interact with the locals" simulator. ... More

how to pay the airport link toll brisbane

Brisbane's enormous Airport Link tunnel, which opened shortly before midnight, is able to be entered and exited from four different locations. It's complex, so here is a simple guide. A map of the ... More

how to make banana nut cake recipe

I got this recipe off recipegoldmine and I love it. It is my favorite easy banana bread. The texture is awesome too! Sometimes I add chocolate chips or white It is my favorite easy banana bread. The texture is awesome too! ... More

how to put in umbilical catheter

The placement of umbilical catheters is an essential technique for the treatment of many newborns in unstable condition. This video will demonstrate the placement of catheters in the umbilical ... More

how to make low resolution pictures high resolution app

There are two ways to find out whether the resolution of an image is high enough to print at the size you want: using math and using Photoshop (Ill explain both). But first, a brief explanation of resolution. Every digital image is made up of pixels (squares of color) and the size the image is viewed at determines its resolution. Yes, thats right: The size your image is viewed at ... More

how to make your own pendulum

I cut these sizes so the pendulum can be used in a variety of configurations; you can use the long piece and one short piece to make a standard double pendulum, and add the second short piece to make a Rott’s pendulum or a triple pendulum. ... More

how to make bengali polow

Rasgula recipe with step by step photos- An easy method for how to make soft spongy and delicious Bengali rasgulla recipe with tips, suggestions and trouble shooting. What Is Rasgulla? Rasgulla is one of the most popular Indian dessert from Bengali cuisine.... ... More

how to make scrambled eggs in microwave

These Microwave Eggs are made in a mug in less than 2 minutes. Customize them to be scrambled or toss in veggies to make an omelet. No matter how you eat them, a healthy breakfast never got easier! ... More

how to make zombie escape maps

The zombie infection is upon us. You and your team will be locked in the janitor’s room in a desolated hospital. Work together and solve mysterious clues and various puzzles to survive. ... More

how to read a siesmic monitor

Seismic monitoring networks The Treaty calls for two global seismic monitoring networks: a primary seismic network with 50 stations and an auxiliary one with 120 stations. The stations of the primary seismic network send data continuously in real time to the IDC and will be utilized most extensively. ... More

youtube how to play seven nation army on drums

27/08/2016 Learn to play Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes on drums. ... More

how to seo magento open source

Magento ecommerce solution has become the most demanding open source platform of todays online retail store businesses since it provides a tremendous advantage. ... More

how to make a tv in doodle god

It's like the game of Telephone. Except with doodles. In Doodle or Die, players create chains of alternating drawings and captions with hilarious results. ... More

how to make micro usb work on your phone

In order to connect an Android phone to a standard USB device, you need to use a micro (or mini) USB to USB Type A Female convertor, but this should also be an OTG cable. A mini USB OTG cable is available in the market and can cost you around Rs.150 – Rs.300, but finding vendors who actually sell it is not easy. The ones that are available are not guaranteed to work. The case of the micro ... More

how to love your soulmate

20/10/2018 How to Find Your Soulmate. Sometimes finding a perfect romantic match is based on luck. However, you are more likely to find a partner in life by working on improving your attitude toward yourself, love, dating, and relationships. Resist... ... More

how to make peanut biscuits

Beat butter, peanut butter and sugars in a small bowl with an electric mixer until pale and fluffy. Beat in egg until just combined. Stir in peanuts and honeycomb, then sifted flour. Beat in egg until just combined. ... More

how to make a rainbow highlighter

Rainbow Eyeshadow & Highlighter. Next up: create vertical color points on eyelids with The City Mini Eyeshadow Palette Graffiti Pop. Use a small brush or your fingertips to create ... More

how to make dinosaur is jurassicragy

JurassiCraft Mod 1.12 and 1.11.2 is not just limited to dinosaurs’ world. You can create objects just like other mods. For example, plants, vehicles, etc. You can also decorate things in this mod. You can create your way, your own journey to find a goal. In short, this mod is very creative and full of fun. ... More

how to make a box with a rectangular paper

Find and save ideas about Paper box template on Pinterest. See more ideas about Diy box, Diy paper box and Paper boxes. DIY and crafts "Making your own paper boxes and bags are a favorite among paper crafters. They are a way to express your creativity, use up leftover paper and save money too!" "Blank box templates - freebie! have fun making these boxes and decorating them yourselves ... More

how to make your own t shirts with picture

Have a great idea for a t-shirt? Interested in customizing clothing or making your own prints? Here's how to make a press for making shirts similar to rubber stamping. ... More

how to put up bugaboo donkey

Hi, I test 'drove' the donkey at the recent baby & toddler show and it was awesome. I have a Chameleon, so I'm a lover of bugaboo already. As for fitting in your car, I'd suggest going to a store that stocks it and asking them to let you test its fit in your car. ... More

how to make a youtube intro with adobe after effects

After Effects Intro Adobe After Effects Tutorials After Effects Templates Vfx Tutorial Photoshop Tutorial Adobe Photoshop After Effect Tutorial Visual Effects Video Editing Forward In this After Effects Tutorial, create an style intro and learn the basic elements that go into making … ... More

how to say stuppid boyin cambodian

How to say stupid boy in Korean. Korean Translation. 어리석은 소년 eoliseog-eun sonyeon. Find more words! ... More

how to make tuna sushi rolls

Tuna and cucumber sushi rolls. Cut a 10 oz (280g) piece of very fresh raw tuna into thin strips. Peel and remove the seeds from half a small-sized cucumber and cut the flesh into thin strips. ... More

how to move piano roll to playlist

14/01/2016 With FL 12 comes the link between tracks. You can merge 2-3 tracks from the playlist into a group. If you do so, everytime you use a new track in the playlist for a new instrument, link the one below, and when you'll create an automation it's gonna appear there. ... More

how to meet sometime in episode 7 the council steam

Summary: Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen travel northward to fight for their home, their people, and each other. This is an ongoing piece set after the final episode of Season 7, but contains descriptive and historical elements from the books. ... More

workforce observed someone misbehaved how to respond

of people and representational bodies, organisations to respond to this environment and take their own lead in shaping the industry and its workforce into the future. We believe that our actions to date have already seen a shift by the industry and mark the beginning of transformational change. To execute the strategy, all of those in the industry will need to work together to support ... More

babette costume how to make

26/12/2017 · This tutorial will show you how to properly fit and wear the Babette Costume from our Beauty and the Beast costume selection. Find more at ... More

how to reply job offer

Its an exciting moment when the job offer comes through, particularly if its the job you most wanted, but what if the terms arent quite what youd expected or hoped for? When is it ok to negotiate? Youll want to feel happy with every aspect of your new job, but youre bound to be worried ... More

how to move on with my life after a breakup

I can only advise you to follow these as closely as you can, and I guarantee that your breakup or divorce will change your life for the better. My breakup, as tormenting as it may have been, opened up a new, better world for me. ... More

how to make a bamboo fishing rod

Ron Barch is the editor and publisher of The Planing Form, an international newsletter for split bamboo rod enthusiasts. Ron also conducts rod making schools and seminars and has successfully instructed dozens of angler/craftsmen in the art of split cane rod making. ... More

how to make a cheat sheet for math

I am self-studying mathematics and would like to write 'cheat sheets' for myself to memorise the contents of the books I have bought - summaries of the text and of the solutions to the exercises. My handwriting is poor so I think I should write these summaries in LaTeX, and save them as … ... More

how to make a home made spacer

For the DIY enthusiast looking to install some tiles, buying ready-made tiles spacers is just not an option. Making your own tile spacers will let you find the perfect space for separating tiles and will save you some money along the way. ... More

how to add boarding pass to passbook us airways

12/09/2012 The boarding pass is just the electronic equivalent of a printed one - it will show whatever gate was planned at the time it was 'printed'. Click to expand... But Passbook ... More

how to play snooker for beginners pdf

How to play pool: a beginner's guide to learning pool , how to play pool: a beginner's guide to learning pool, billiards, 8 ball, 9 ball, snooker [tim ander] on amazoncom *free* shipping on qualifying offers take your pool skills to the ... More

how to make an air horn sound deeper

7/10/2012 · I want to re-new our 12v electric horn and think a low bellow would sound good - probably have to go for a compressed air horn. Most websites list the volume (dB) of the horn but I think the frequency is more important. Frequencies range from 120hz to just under 500hz. ... More

how to play sugar sugar by baby bash on guitar

Chords for Baby Bash f. Frankie J - Sugar Sugar(how you get so fly). Play along with guitar, ukulele, or piano with interactive chords and diagrams. Includes transpose, capo … ... More

how to make a meme song

"(Song) But It Keeps Getting Faster" refers to a series of video game and pop songs remixed such that the tempo of the original track gradually increases over time. Origin The first "but it keeps getting faster" remix is of the song "Bonetrousle" from the Undertale soundtrack. ... More

how to make a long jacket

Take your time with sewing the back patch is the worse one make sure you sew the patches on tight so they are study and won't fall off I learned this the war way with my punk jacket I sewed in long strokes so the patches weren't tight and they got ripped off at a show my thrash jacket I sewed in shorter strokes and the patches are all tight ... More

how to make a classroom on google classroom

Classroom allows teachers to post schedules online and give out assignments. In turn, students can submit work and collaborate, as well as take quizzes with Google Forms. ... More

how to make chana masala video

How to Make Chana Masala. Soak kabuli chana in water for about 8 hours. Steam the chana in a pressure cooker until it is overcooked. Grind together the tomato, onion, a few coriander leaves, mint leaves and cumin seeds. ... More

how to make egg shaped rice crispy treats

I followed The Original Rice Krispies Treats Squares for the crisped rice ingredients and cooking. (or the remainder of the marshmallow used to make the head), cut a triangle shape for a tiny head. You may need to squish the marshmallow to make it look right. Again, use the toothpick to insert dye for the eyes. Set aside both polar bears. Move the igloo into its final position. Using a ... More

how to play beat it riff on guitar

I try to play along with the accents of the drum beat. For example, in a basic rock beat, strum the chord on the down beat, then pick the notes of the chord in some … ... More

how to read google analytics dashboard

Ranging from marketing analyst in a large corporation, to web marketing specialist in a small agency, to independent consultant for small and large business alike, Antoine has been involved in the ins and outs of inbound marketing, analytics, SEO and SEM for years. ... More

how to get a license to open a daycare

Obtain a business license and insurance. While there is no federal licensing requirement to open a dog day care, states and counties may require that you purchase a dog care license. The license itself cannot be purchased until your dog care facility (i.e., your house/apartment) passes an on-site health inspection. Such an inspection determines if your facility is free of physical dangers and ... More

how to make clay charms for necklaces

Yes, I made leaf pendants with clay molds for oil necklaces with Premo baked clay. One drop of oil runs down the leaf-lines and is absorbed enough after about 30 … ... More

how to make pancakes with oat flour

The first time I tried the oat flour and almond flour combination was with the Cherry Garcia Mini-Muffins. It worked so well; I was hoping that the combination would be successful with pancakes and I can happily confirm that they’re great! Now, if you’ve never tried almond flour before, the consistency is a little different…a little moist and mealy. Mixed with oat flour, this is reduced ... More

how to make a wind gauge

You can build it with the vain out straight or stored to the side and will be able to make then any of 4 heights, 42 1/2 ‘ , 53’ , 65’ , or 75’ in n scale. I started by surveying the parts and directions. ... More

how to make a spinning top

Gasing is a term that refers to both the Malay spinning top and the game of top spinning. Gasing was a popular game played in the kampongs (villages in Malay) of Singapore and Malaysia, especially among members of the Malay community. ... More

how to make our hair loose

You can also have real hair woven into your own hair to disguise patchy hair loss or thin panels. The leading expert is Lucinda Ellery who has salons in the UK and US . If you have found any other product or treatment that has improved your hair health, please let us know in the comments below. ... More

how to make peanut sauce for chicken

29/03/2018 The chicken is then baked in the oven, while I simultaneously make the peanut sauce in a small saucepan. Once the chicken is done, I serve it on a large platter, brushed with delicious peanut sauce and topped with scallions. ... More

how to make beef stroganoff with cream cheese

This yummy ground beef stroganoff is baked to perfection in a simple crescent roll crust. The ground beef and mushrooms are combined with sour cream and then topped with shredded cheese … ... More

how to make fabric yoyos

A perennial favorite among quilters, a fabric yo-yo is a gathered circle secured with a simple running stitch. The cute designs can be used as accents on anythi ... More

how to do the love button on fb

17/11/2010 · Best Answer: Simple go to the fb page of what you "liked" amd where the like button normaly is it will be an "unlike" button ensted. ... More

how to make smoothies for weight loss

How To Make Healthy Smoothies For Weight Loss Meal Plan To Lose 20 Pounds In 2 Weeks How To Lose Belly Fat Properly Whenever a person finishes a heavy workout, your muscle fibers adapt by recruiting more fibers so technique cope with no weight whether it is … ... More

how to make a another youtube channel

This is another one of our lesser-known YouTube gaming channel tips- people come for the games, but they subscribe and stay for you. They come because you’re covering a game they’re interested in, but you get likes and subscribes when they enjoy your presentation and style. ... More

how to make 50x tae buffer

50x TAE Buffer is composed of 2 M Tris-Acetate, 0.05 M EDTA, pH 8.3. For agarose gel electrophoresis, 50x TAE Buffer should be diluted to a working concentration of 1x TAE or 0.5x TAE. Compare this item ... More

how to make gluten free apricot chicken

Instead, we’ll make apricot jam, apricot cobbler, apricot tart, or just eat them straight. Finally this year, we’ve experimented with apricot chicken and I love the result! The additions of rosemary, Tabasco, and especially cinnamon really brighten up the flavors and make … ... More

frog clasps how to make

1 Piece Lobster Clasp. - You could use it as Clasp to DIY your Jewellery. Or any other jewelry making handmade crafts findings. - Made of 925 sterling silver, glazed and strong, great finding for jewe... ... More

how to see what open on startup

If there is an option within a program to disable parts of it running at start-up (see here) and you don't use that method to disable them, you may find they are re-added as new entries in Autoruns the next time the program runs ... More

how to pass an operator into a linq statement

12/11/2013 · Hello every one, I am using ef5 and i would llike to know, can i appned some conditional members in in linq query. here is a sample what i m expecting ... More

how to order a uber ride

How to Request Uber or Lyft Without a Smartphone - Keep in mind, in order to request either an Uber or Lyft you still need a valid phone number, it ... More

how to prepare icing cream for cake

25/01/2018 · The Simple Steps on How to Make Cream Cheese Frosting For many desserts, an amazing cream cheese frosting recipe is literally the icing on the cake! ... More

how to add pdf doscuments to make one document

To add an interactive link to your PDF document, follow these steps: Locate an area of a page where you want to add a link and then choose View→Toolbars→Advanced Editing to … ... More

how to move a radiator concrete floor

20/12/2015 · We've just bought a house, and are getting stuck into a very thorough update (at the moment the wallpaper is from the 70s). Anyway we've started with the living room, and we need to move one of the radiators, ready for patio doors going where it is currently sited. ... More

how to make a flower shaped pinata

How to Make a Horse Pinata; How to Make a Horse Pinata Repeat, adding more strips in a crisscross pattern until the entire horse shape is covered. Allow to dry, and then add another layer. Allow to dry, and then add the third layer. Tear brown tissue paper into strips and apply to the pinata, in the same fashion used when adding newspaper. Cover the pinata entirely, until the newsprint ... More

how to make a helicopter cake

Helicopter Diaper Cake How To Make A Diaper Cake - Easy VIDEO Diaper Cake Instructions Diaper Cakes Mall Diaper Cake Sale! The widest selection of baby shower diaper cakes Unique Handcrafted Diaper Cakes by Lil' Baby Cakes Amarnath Helicopter, Amarnath Yatra 2018, Amarnath Yatra Registration 2017, Amarnath Package ... More

how to read a growth chart

Renter Friendly Kids Growth Chart // MBM Jellibean Journals 05/29/2013 […] growth chart to track her height that is renter friendly. I’d envisioned perma wall-art type growth charts and the fun they’d be to DIY, but the truth of the matter is that our family just […] ... More

how to make a wood pallet float on water

Painted Wood Pallets Wood Pallets Projects Ideas For Wood Pallets Crafts With Pallets Wooden Pallet Ideas Recycled Pallets Outdoor Pallet Projects Wood Pallet Crafts Used Pallets Forward The Best DIY Wood and Pallet Ideas: What to Know Before Painting a Wood Pallet~Talks a. ... More

how to make hot chocolate pops

Holiday OREO Cookie Pops are a chocolate lovers dream and also super simple to make. Just 3 ingredients! They are the perfect addition to a holiday party. Serve Holiday OREO Cookie Pops along with your favorite Nabisco cookies. And to make it even more festive, you could have a fun Hot Chocolate … ... More

how to make a messy bun hat

How to Make a Messy Bun Hat from ANY Hat Pattern. In this post I want to teach you how to turn your favorite hat pattern into a Messy Bun hat pattern. ... More

how to play reading mean comments on the ukulele

9/08/2015 Colleen Ballinger singing "Reading Mean Comments" and playing the ukulele at Miranda Camp in Chicago! ... More

how to make an indoor obstacle course

Get moving this winter with a fun indoor obstacle course. You and your children can work together to transform common household items into fun, challenging, and versatile activities for any indoor space. Indoor obstacle courses help with gross and fine motor skills, sequencing, memory, and sensory input, strength, and balance. ... More

how to read on kindle fire outside

But first, to enable the installation of apps from outside the Amazon Appstore, you have to open the Kindle Fires settings menu, select Device, then turn on ... More

how to make cucumber achar

12/10/2014 Here is my easy recipe for making your own cucumber pickles. The following recipe has simple ingredients and quick preparation, so that you will end up with your delicious khalpi ko achaar ... More

how to see google play purchases

Google can refund your money easily if you ask for it within the first two hours of your purchase. For requesting a refund for an app or a game, open the Google play store & head to Account on the navigation menu that you get by tapping the hamburger menu at the top right corner of the screen. ... More

how to delete simcity buildit on google play

3.Open Google Play Store and search SimCity BuildIt and Download, Or Import the apk file from your PC Into XePlayer to install it. 4.Install SimCity BuildIt for PC.Now you can play SimCity BuildIt ... More

how to make a cd

8/10/2005 · 1. an exe is a binary file, not a txt file 2. you have no idea what you're doing 3. making no-cd's isnt as simple as you seem to think 4. use the search button, every noob asks this question ... More

how to set tab order in html

tabindex="0" means that the element should be focusable in sequential keyboard navigation, but its order is defined by the document's source order. CSS Positioning won't affect your Tab Order; it would only change the Visual Order of your Elements. ... More

how to make a giant cupcake cake without a mold

Place a plate or cake stand over the bottom mold, hold the mold to the plate, and invert. Allow the cake to slip out of the mold. Repeat with the top mold, onto a plate. Allow both sides of the giant cupcake ... More

how to make sandwich with chicken patties

Make and share this Chicken Patties (Sandwich Maker) recipe from Genius Kitchen. ... More

how to make a cane headboard

Make sure that the cane will stretch evenly down the entire length of the frame. 7: Once the cane is straight, staple the first edge of cane to the back of the frame, 1/2 inch from the inner edge, using a … ... More

how to make doc list of my avi files

5/11/2010 Daves99 asked the Office & Business Software forum how to insert file names into a worksheet or document. If you want to copy one or two file names, select the file, press F2 to edit the file ... More

how to make giblet gravy from scratch

Preparation. Step 1Start with Turkey Stock. Great gravy begins with this Make-Ahead Turkey Stock. If you want to make one from scratch, do it now (or anytime, for that matter, since turkey wings ... More

how to play baccarat strategy

Play Strategy at Dreams now » The 1-3-2-4 system is a gambling strategy devised by Fortune Palace in 2006, which works well on bets which are close to evens chance (i.e. 50/50, like a coin toss) - particularly in Baccarat and Roulette. It's based on the popular 1-3-2-6 system, but is designed to reduce the win/loss variance by only betting 4 units on the fourth bet, thereby preserving an ... More

how to join open source project

what kind of project you like to join in, please also tell your expertise. I am working on one, if I find you useful for my project then i would like to include you in it. I am working on one, if I find you useful for my project then i would like to include you in it. ... More

how to make fog juice for fog machine

If the Fog Machine is used indoors you should make sure the room has adequate ventilation. It is a good idea not to breathe the fog for extended periods ... More

how to put maxi cosi in car

9/04/2014 · This Bride-To-Be Hadn’t Cut Her Hair In 30 Years, But A Wedding Makeover Totally Transformed Her - Duration: 5:39. TOP LIFE STORY Recommended for you ... More

how to make a monkey hooded towel

Description. Our hooded towels are made from a single bath towel with an attached handtowel to create the hood. These towels are a great gift idea for people of all ages and make perfect stocking stuffers. ... More

how to make a good headline

If the job of a headline is to get people to stop and take attention of your marketing message, how exactly do you do that? How do you get a headline to cut through all … ... More

how to put anemone in tank

get a breeder box/net and put both the clown and nem in it. Leave them there for a few days. If he doesn't go to it in there, put the nem back in the tank first. ... More

how to make iphone minimal

Back Up Before Upgrading To iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X, or iOS 12 In fact, online advice indicates that you cant successfully upgrade an iPhone without a backup. Recent articles from C|net and MacWorld both recommend that the first thing you should do when upgrading to the iPhone XR or iPhone XS (or when you update to iOS 12) is to create a backup. ... More

how to make lemon mint granita

Pineapple Granita is a refreshing frozen dessert recipe that you can make for your family and friends on festivals like Holi and parties. Prepared with pineapple tidbits, honey, lemon juice and mint leaves, this dessert recipe can be made easily. ... More

how to make your voice higher

If you have a mac, you just go to imovie and right click your video and then hit clip adjustments and audio adjustments. ... More

how to make a paper speaker

5) If you/your staff members have already personally met this guest speaker it is also good to make a reference to the past, reminding the speaker about the details of your meeting. 6) Dont forget to mention how you can be reached to answer additional questions or to be notified about guest speakers decision. ... More

how to say coconut in sinhala

Translation of coconut at Merriam-Webster's Spanish-English Dictionary. Audio pronunciations, verb conjugations, quizzes and more. ... More

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how to make a paper titanic that sinks

Ships and ocean liners have been man made all throughout history, but one stands out from the rest, the Titanic. It has been a mystery to many how the accidental sinking occurred and why the ship is on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

how to seo magento open source

Magentos open source CMS (content management system) is no exception. In fact, their websites are often riddled with duplicate URLs and other design glitches that confuse search engines. In fact, their websites are often riddled with duplicate URLs and other design glitches that confuse search engines.

how to play swan lake on keyboard

The theme later made its way into the full-fledged Swan Lake score, and soon became the most famous music in the ballet. It is first heard near the close of the first act in the Flight of the Swans. The oboe introduces the enchanting theme with harp accompaniment, the whole creating a fantasy-like atmosphere of wonder and expectation.

how to make turkey burgers from ground turkey

Best Turkey Burger Recipe - Turkey Burgers - VIDEO!!! - This is the BEST Turkey Burger Recipe. Turkey Burgers are a delicious and healthy burger option to replace ground beef.

how to play smooth criminal on guitar easy

Music For Effective Studying Easy Studying Music Beautiful Study Music Easy Smooth Inspirational.mp3. Home; Music For Effective Studying Easy Studying Music Beautiful Study Music Easy Smooth Inspirational.mp3 ; Studying Music. Studying Music - Focus better Study with a Clear Mind Memory Music.mp3. Play Download. Relaxing Sunday Mornings ☕ Relaxing Sunday Mornings …

how to raise a service request in oracle cloud

Our Service Levels. Compare our exemplary service levels, easy to start and grow your business . Cloud Computing. Put yourself in the center of the transformation using cloud technologies. ServiceNow. Integrate ServiceNow functionalities with Oracle E-Business Suite and SAP modules. Commerce Cloud Solutions. Sell your product at anytime,anywhere to anyone with enhanced UX and …

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