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how to say lychee in cambodian

Needless to say, Cambodia – as a tropical country – has a wealth of fresh fruits on daily offer. When you go to a local market you will be astounded by the beautiful colors and aromas, and – sometimes – the somewhat strange shape of the fruits. ... More

how to play arma 3 with friends

All in Arma is a recent addition to the Arma 3 must-have mods. Over the years the community has done a lot of work to expand the Arma universe, and new maps are no exception. Bohemia Interactive made it possible to add Arma 2 maps into the Arma 3 game last year, but it wasn’t until now that such a huge variety of maps have been made available – 15 in total. To top it all off, All in Arma ... More

how to make heat treated metal

2004. Q. I have just come across this question and response. I'm doing Metal Art using plasma torch mainly on 12-ga sheet steel. I've looked everywhere I can think of on information on coloring the metal with heat and would appreciate any information on this technique. ... More

how to make steel french doors

Steel entry doors offer security and stability, but if your door has windows, you may feel a lack of privacy. Many door manufacturers remedy this issue with double-pane windows that have slat ... More

how to play nasus urf

Hello, I think there is bug in the URF mode: when playing Nasus, player disconnects and got no reconnect button (happened to me and then I met few afk Nasuses in other games, so I think the fault wasn't on my side) ... More

how to make a dog agility seesaw

1 Indoor & Outdoor Dog Agility Low Cone Jump. You are buying 1 set of Low Jump set. One Jump Set Costs £10.00 £8.00 = £18.00. as you could break the top if you force the pole from. ... More

how to make a sword foam

The sword’s Guard (also known as a Quillion or Tsuba) is important to echo the appearance of a real sword. With a real weapon, the guard was needed to prevent the hands from sliding up onto the blade, as well as protecting the hand from shields and weapons. With foam swords, the blade is often wider than the wielder’s grip, so a hand sliding onto the blade is unlikely. The presence of a ... More

how to make natural protein shake

The mix of caffeine, natural sugar, and protein is ideal after a tough morning workout. If youre looking for a bit more protein or a thicker texture, add a bit more yogurt or some 2% milk. If youre looking for a bit more protein or a thicker texture, add a bit more ... More

how to make a catapult without rubber bands

11/04/2007 · How to Make Loom Bands. 5 Easy Rainbow Loom Bracelet Designs without a Loom - Rubber band Bracelets 13:44 How to Make Loom Bands 5 Easy Rainbow Loom Bracelet Designs without a Loom Rubber … ... More

how to open locked interior door

yes with interior panel off look for a cable or rod going to the latch assembly, unless the part that either would attach to has broken off there should be something to pull or push to open the door … ... More

how to make solar lights work again

Use the sun's natural and free energy to store power for back-up lighting when the grid source fails. Solar Power Stations for Off Grid, LED Billboard Lighting, LED Sign Lighting ... More

how to make dry yeast at home

Using Yeast in the Bread Machine Take a look at the instructions that came with your bread machine to see what sort of yeast is recommended. The three most common types are bread machine yeast, active dry yeast and rapid rise yeast. Some bread machines, … ... More

how to prepare ollie dog food

"Of course, feeding your dog healthy, fresh food will make a difference too — but giving your dog the right amount of food is the best way to help manage their weight", says Gabby. That’s why Ollie takes dogs’ age, breed, weight, gender, activity level and body composition into account to calculate the exact number of calories that they should be consuming every day to be healthy. ... More

how to make ice probably

1/07/2003 · Put the canister from the machine into the freezer a day before you want to make the ice cream. Next day, pour the cream and milk into a medium heavy-based … ... More

how to permanently put glitter on a skirt

I know you’ve been snookered by the words, “super easy” before so you don’t believe me yet. But it’s true. With just 12 simple steps, YOU can make a custom glitter shirt for your Princess in one evening. ... More

how to make pitcheman car park

Now, finding car parks is easy and convenient as you can use website to save your time. We are a number 1 private and commercial parking website in Australia. It serves people by finding their parking lots in every states and suburbs of Australia. ... More

how to play like david gilmore magazine

David Gilmour Teases New Album in 'Live at Pompeii' DVD Trailer David Gilmour hints at a new solo LP in a promo trailer for his upcoming CD/DVD and theatrical film, Live at Pompeii. It's a good news/bad news s Sep 5, 2017 THE WILDHEARTS Frontman GINGER Hospitalized Due To ... More

how to make spaghetti sauce with campbell& 39

This Spaghetti Sauce is super easy to make. Today I’m going to show you how you can turn a store brand spaghetti sauce to taste like you made the entire thing from scratch. You will be able to make this delicious sauce while your pasta cooks. If you love spaghetti make … ... More

how to make book cover unicorn

Dont let covering your school books get you unstuck with contact! Use our non-toxic slip on bookcovers and save you time and stress. ... More

how to make a secret painting door in minecraft pc

How to make Secret Hidden Door with Paintings. Good for adventure/parkour maps ... More

how to make strawberry biscuits

You can easily make Strawberry with Whipped Cream & Biscuits Recipe. We take the photos of each step of preperation. You will love our Strawberry with Whipped Cream & Biscuits Recipe. We take the photos of each step of preperation. ... More

how to make a studio acapella

28/03/2010 · Hey, Is it possible to import this song and turn itself into a acapella just by extract the vocal out of the songs just without the instrumental using the Adobe Audition? Any possible Ideas. I wand a rendition instrumental not fake, 'cause I'm making a remix in FL Studio 9 Example: I … ... More

how to make elderflower infused oil

Once you have that you need to make the elderflower infusion oil. As a menstrum -base oil I used almond oil which creates a luxurious, healing mixture with elderflowers. This elderflowers scented infused oil is mixed with bees wax to create moisturizing … ... More

how to make factory reset samsung note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Factory Reset Instructions. Start with the phone turned off. With the phone off, press and hold the Volume Up key and the Home key, then press and hold the Power key. ... More

how to make a fort with blankets and pillows

The blanket is a sea, and the pillows are the islands, river and stones, mud and hillocks. Cross from one bank to another. Cross from one bank to another. Hide and seek ... More

how to plan a story for naplan

Here's how Victorian school students excelled in NAPLAN this year: Year 3 students achieved the highest scores for reading and writing. Numeracy results … ... More

how to make a big paper christmas tree

Big Paper Christmas Tree Tutorial The bases of these large Christmas trees are made of giant, thick pieces of cardboard. You need to cut them into triangles and make them into a cone shape. ... More

how to test a run capacitor

6/06/2009 · Hi, I suspect i have a faulty capacitor in my circuit. I connect the capacitors to my multimeter and i get the right capacitance. But I think one of them is shorting to ground. ... More

how to open app on phone using android wear

To set this up, first you'll need to open the Cortana app on your Android phone, go to the settings, and pick "sync notifications." The list of features. Note that everything with an asterisk is ... More

how to make a homemade catwoman costume

Homemade Catwoman Costume Ideas . Visit. Discover ideas about Kostüm Katze. Homemade Catwoman Costume Ideas. Kostüm Katze So happy this worked out and that it was so fun and inexpensive to make! Mivvit. Halloween Costumes Couples. Manga Comics Dc Comics Comic Manga Comics Girls Hayden Williams Comic Book Characters Comic Character Comic Books Art Comic Art. … ... More

how to make trees for a model

I was always schooled in the idea that texture intended for the set design needs to be at least approximated with a real texture in the model for at least two reasons .. firstly so that light will behave in a similar way in the model and secondly to make it clear to the scenic artists that a real texture is intended. Both are good reasons but I also feel that as even the way that full-size ... More

how to play sound in asp net using c

Here Mudassar Ahmed Khan has explained with an example, how to upload and insert MP3 Audio files in SQL Server Database and then play the MP3 Audio files using HTML5 Audio Player in ASP.Net using C# and VB.Net. ... More

how to make a king pillowcase fit a standard pillow

How To Make A Bed Put On Pillow Cases You. Bedding Chic. How To Clean Pillows And Often. I Put Those Two Blue Cylinder Pillows On The Floor To Avoid Hitting . Styling A Bed Household Tricks And Organizing Tips Pinterest. Sleep Number. How To Fit A King Pillowcase Onto Standard Sized Pillow. 3 Ways To Transform Your Guest Room Using Just Pillows Living. Where To Put Your Comforter And ... More

how to open locked pictures on facebook

Unlock Albums : View Private Photos in Facebook * This trick was originally noted by rishabh , and then by Amit Agarwal at labnol . Now anyone can view Facebooks private photo and album without being in the friend list. ... More

how to make period start sooner

When a period comes like clockwork, it's a sign that things are going right in the reproduction system. But every now and then, it's an inconvenience and can cause stress if it's going to start ... More

how to play harvest moon wonderful life on pc

Scroll down to read our guide named "Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life" for Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life on GameCube (GameCube), or click the above links for more cheats. ... More

how to make a triple single loom band by hand

Easy Loom Bands By Hand How to make a loom band pencil grip by hand. by Universal Loom Bands. 5 Easy Rainbow. How to make a loom band pencil grip by hand How to Make a Triple … ... More

how to make shropshire blue

Description. Lightly laced with blue, this creamy cheese is made with unpasteurised milk and coloured with annatto. The orange hue contrasts beautifully with the blue veins leaving a cheese that is not only a pleasure for the eyes but also the taste buds. ... More

how to make chocolate mud cake eggless

14/09/2009 · Eggless Chocolate cake with condensed milk This is a very simple eggless cake.Ive tried making eggless chocolate cake before,but have used only oil.This recipe calls for butter and condensed milk.It was so soft,moist and rich that I coudnt believe it was eggless. ... More

how to read julian date on food

21/06/2011 · The incoming JD Edwards Julian date appears to be in CYYDDD format. Using today's date as an example, the JD Edwards Julian date would be 111158, where C = 1 (for 21st century), YY = 11 (for 2011) and DDD is 158 (for the 158th day of this year). ... More

how to make instagram text posts like lashxtend

There’s something genuine and authentic about the relationships people have on Instagram. It is more personal. You feel like you’re seeing a tiny window into another person’s life through snapshots and quick videos. There are some really cool apps out there designed to make shooting and editing video on the go really simple, we’ve compiled a list of a few that strike our fancy below. 1 ... More

how to make a christmas tree pinata

Christmas Christmas Tree Craft Photography Tree Topper Tutorial Uncategorized HOW TO MAKE A PINATA TREE TOPPER Tree toppers come in all shapes and sizes, but … ... More

how to move kitchen cabinet shelves

Installation – Whirlpool Kitchen, Laundry & Home Appliances Freezer shelf, remove the ice tray shelf. Place the shelf aside, as you will use it Press the clips against the back of the cabinet in the right channel at the approximate locations shown in DETAIL B. Center the clips between the fill tube (an … ... More

how to make money on wall street survivor

I don’t worry about losing the money or ever making less money, because that just won’t happen. Not to sound obnoxious, but I’m a survivor by nature. My grandmother survived the Holocaust. I will always make money. I will go to the end of the earth to make money. ... More

how to make nail polish using eye shadow

29/09/2017 · DONT MISS OUR NEW SUPER CUTE NAIL POLISH TUTORIAL!!! \rAlso, dont miss our new makeup tutorial: \r\rDIY doll makeup\rHow to make doll make-up: eye shadows, that can also be used for blush\rHow to make doll makeup; Barbie and Monster High makeup set.\rHow to make doll nail polish… ... More

how to make a proper bibliography internet sources

Sources can also be listed in a Bibliography (or reference) section in bibliographic style. Entries in the Bibliography do not contain locators (page numbers) and are not linked to specific information and thus are not substitutes for citations. ... More

how to pay tax in singapore for foreigners

Source: IRAS FEES AND TAXES Buyer’s stamp duty 1% on first $180,000 2% on next $180,000 3% for the remainder Additional Buyers’ stamp duty † Foreigners and non-individuals buying any residential property will pay an ... More

how to make a fire with nothing

How to Build a Fire to Survive in the Wilderness Unprepared. Flying over the most majestic landscapes the Earth has to offer is one of the many joys of being a pilot; observing breathtaking mountains and endless deserts from above while remaining in the safety of ones cockpit. ... More

how to train your dog not to run away

Your dog could be running away for one or all of the above reasons. The solution to running away is the same. You need to train and proof an The solution to running away is the same. You need to train and proof an automatic recall response. ... More

how to make eyebrows grow thicker yahoo

26/06/2018 · A few years ago, I needed my eyebrows done in a hurry, so I went to a salon that wasn’t my regular spot. You know how this horror story ends: They waxed off half my eyebrow. ... More

how to set something to always run as administrator

22/01/2018 Hi everyone, I am trying to set "Run as administrator" flag for a third party application thru my VB.Net application, and needs help in this regard. ... More

how to move a mini fridge

Just had a nice learning experience after renting a truck, laying my fridge sideways and taking it across town. The oil starts moving out of the... The oil starts moving out of the... jump to content ... More

how to make timber water resistant

Also, make sure to use a cloth, brush or any other appropriate tools for better effects. Do you want to know more about wood waterproofing from a renowned timber fencing expert in Brisbane ? … ... More

how to make a clock on microbit

You can make it easier or harder to take care of your hot potato game, and can also change the way your hot potato game looks and acts. Have a look at the instructions on the next page to see what you can do. ... More

minecraft how to make tracks only go one eay

If you dont find one, go to a different place and do the same thing. Use the rocks/dirt and what not two fill back up your hole. You can put some light where you tried but if you don't find one where you first look, you must travel kinda far because mineshafts are very big. ... More

how to make sex better for boyfriend

A lot of sex positions are achievable while in the shower with your boyfriend. Rub on a lotion or lube for that extra slippery feel ?? Rub on a lotion or lube for that extra slippery feel ?? 14. ... More

how to make windows 10 shutdown in 2 hours

How to Use Cortana to Shut Down Your Computer in Windows 10 - Cortana allows you to use voice commands to get help on anything you want, such as navigate the web, set up reminders, open files, and more. Here, we’ll show you how to shut down your Windows 10 … ... More

how to make a strike in bowling

For example, if you score a strike in the first frame, then an 7 and 1 in the second frame, you would score 18 (10+7+1) for the first frame, and 8 for the second frame, making a total of 26 after two frames. ... More

how to edit post and turn into offer facebook

In fact, with all the fancy plugins these days, and all the advanced technology with WordPress Themes, tools to assist us with proper meta titles, descriptions and cool SEO stuff are pretty much integrated and built into everything for us already. ... More

how to play america on acoustic guitar

Soft wood that is easy to work with yet strongly fibered is ideal for the neck of the guitar. The necks shown in the photo with two red lines running through them are made from mahogany, with brick-colored paddock strips glued to strengthen the neck. ... More

how to make a bedroom romantic on a budget

23/04/2014 · Just because you have a small budget, doesn't mean you can't have it all. Find out about decorating a bedroom for romance on a very small budget with … ... More

how to make rajgira flour at home

Method Take the rajgira flour into a dish. Add potato, green chili paste, cumin seeds, salt and coriander leaves. Mix well. Add water, a small amount at a time. ... More

how to make a bullet force account that works

A force is defined as an interaction that changes an object’s motion, and so these four forces underpin all of physics and define how everything in the universe interacts – from the vast ... More

how to receive paypal payments on facebook

Audience Network. You'll receive payments around the 21st of each month for the previous month's balance. Developers and Charities. Facebook issues payments twice per month: One payment for activity between the 1st and the 15th of the month, and a second payment for activity between the 16th and the end of the month. ... More

how to make pinto beans

I like to make a big batch of these homestyle pinto beans and freeze the leftovers in individual mason jars. Just be sure to leave some room to allow for expansion! Just be … ... More

how to make a girl chase you through text

How do you make girls chase? Well, the idea is to present enough of your value and make them think they can have you. Then, make them put a lot of effort in the interaction and use techniques like chase frames to get them to chase you. ... More

how to make up a name for an orphanage

This bay finally takes its current name from the reception center set up by brother Louis Antoni. This place was run between 1866 and 1884 by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny who took care, on top the conventional orphans of public assistance, of the " wards of the Eugenie Empress, " (women sent from mainland to New Caledonia to marry in order to repopulate the colony). ... More

how to play an m4s file

What is a M4S file? Every day thousands of users submit information to us about which programs they use to open specific types of files. While we do not yet have a description of the M4S file format and what it is normally used for, we do know which programs are known to open these files. ... More

how to make a water pump from scratch

The movement of the pump rods cause the pump to lift water to the tank. Water can then be fed into the distribution network from the tank. The function of the tail vane is to keep the rotor orientated into the wind. Most windpumps have a tail vane, which is designed, for automatic furling (turning the machine out of the wind) at high wind speeds to prevent damage. ... More

how to make an origami parrot easy

The Internet is full of interesting, great and easy-to-follow tutorials, and we present to you a YouTube channel called DIY which is dedicated to handcrafts. “With the help of our channel you can learn how to do various crafts with your own hands.” – they wrote on their channel. ... More

how to make your own penny board

20/06/2016 DIY how to make a wooden pennyboard in one day out of an old skateboard or wood. -----... ... More

how to play tomb raider anniversary

Tomb Raider: Anniversary retraces Lara Croft's original genre-defining adventure — globe-trotting 3rd person action-adventure in pursuit of the legendary Scion artifact. Using an enhanced 'Tomb ... More

how to plan for a child

Remember age-appropriateness. If a task is too difficult for a young child, he will get discouraged. Likewise if you plan an activity that is simple, an older child will be bored. ... More

how to make korean salad

Make this all the time. Follow the recipe as is except use Korean red pepper flakes. My "go to" side dish with the amazing Bulgogi Burgers (also from CL). Yummy! Follow the recipe as is except use Korean … ... More

how to put a schedule on twitch

Adding a Calendar to your Twitch Channel on the same account that I use for my YouTube.. Then made it public, linked it to my "Schedule" image on my page. It is a great new tool to be able to add certain games on certain days, when new updates come out for games you stream, charity events, etc. Also another cool idea a member in the channel had was that we could let followers spend the ... More

how to make a youtube profile picture with photoshop cs6

20/10/2015 · Photoshop Gurus is a community of graphic designers that focuses on to the exchange of ideas and information relating to all aspects of image editing. We welcome users of … ... More

how to make breadboard jumper wires

The first step to using the binding posts is to connect them to the breadboard using some jumper wires. Although it would seem that the posts are connected to the breadboard, they are not. If they were, you would be limited to where you could and couldn’t provide power. As we’ve seen, breadboards are meant to be totally customizable, so it would make sense that the binding posts are no ... More

how to make shaped biscuits

6/06/2014 · Thought I'd try some different biscuits and get my toddlers to help decorate. I halved the recipe and made the firm dough. I bought a star and butterfly shaped cookie cutter and used them on these. I made a basic icing and added food colouring and I got my babies to add sprinkles. They taste like shortbread and are quite tasty! Easy to make… ... More

how to make basil drink with fresh basil

Spring in a glass My St. Patricks Lemon Cucumber Martini With Fresh Basil beautifully balances a lemon and cucumber simple syrup with gin and muddled fresh basil leaves, and its pretty pale green hue makes it perfect for St. Patricks Day and Easter! ... More

how to make bright purple fondant

9/04/2008 · The colours I'm trying to achieve from the fondant are a bright orange, bright purple and a bright pink. I can't get hold of any other paste colours except Wilton.. so does anyone have any experience getting the fondant colours to pop using Wilton paste colour?? ... More

how to make a wave machine

"The complexity of a wave machine can vary greatly, depending on its intended use and the skills and materials available to the builder. These instruments can be made as a craft, or as an advanced piece of experimental machinery. ... More

how to prepare chilli gobi in hindi

Chilli sauce and soy sauce are two main flavoring agents in this recipe, adjust the quantity of them to get desired taste. To prepare crispier cauliflower florets deep fry them little longer. Also, you can mix florets into gravy only before serving to preserve ... More

minecraft how to make custom potions

Custom Item Textures. What CTM does for terrain, CIT offers for items. You can customize an item's appearance by damage value, stack size, and NBT data. ... More

how to make rasgulla with milk powder

14/09/2011 Milk powder will absorb the extra milk. If the dough is dry, add more milk, as it should be soft. If the dough is dry, add more milk, as it should be soft. Knead the dough and divide into small balls. ... More

how to play with friends on unturnede

Unturned has recently risen near to the top of the charts on steam with the game being free this has surprised me at first but once I played it I understood the madness. Unturned Is a first person multiplayer zombie survival game free on steam (all though there is an option to pay for gold upgrade) I have experienced many fun times with friends and have got betrayed time after time the game ... More

how to make challah fluffy

To make challah, dissolve the yeast in a cup of warm water. Add sugar, butter, salt, and flour. Add three whole eggs, plus an egg white (reserve the yolk for later), and enough flour to make a soft dough. ... More

how to make moscato wine at home

B.V.O Bloem Moscato is light, silvery bright and vivacious! World-class and totally inspired by the greatest wines from the Piedmont region in northern Italy, which can set you back up to $50 per bottle. ... More

how to make a secret charger for school

Make sure that their love remains their dearest secret because that's part of the excitement!; Private Eye Sisi Use your detective skills to help Private Eye Sisi in her quest for the hidden little animals. ... More

how to open player card in dota 2

Get all of the players' important stats: Win rate, most played hero, Amount of matches with the picked hero, rank and much more! Learn who's prey, and who's the predator ... More

how to read from the file in java

Java 1.5 introduced the Scanner class for handling input from file and streams. It is used for getting integers from a file and would look something like this: ... More

how to make orange jelly at home without gelatin

For real lime jelly (with the taste of fresh limes and no nasty green food coloring), substitute juice from 7 to 8 limes for the lemon juice. Substitute water for the orange … ... More

how to make ranch burgers

Homemade hamburger patties and mouthwatering toppings make these upscale burgers recipes a surefire hit. ... More

how to make a fleece blanket

When the temperature begins to dip, you know it’s time to make a fleece tie blanket, following the footsteps of your grandmother and reliving those nostalgic moments once again. ... More

blurb how to open plugin

I'm finishing a book in Blurb and I would like to open it in Indesign. The blurb format is bookexport and i can't open it in Indesign. ... More

how to make a small lounge look bigger

1. Choose a small media unit. Avoid using large pieces of furniture which can crowd a small space. Invest in a petite media unit in a light colour, and make use of ... More

how to make a thimble

Dig out one of your thimbles and make a cute necklace! I found some thimbles at the thrift store and in order to reuse them, I made necklaces! These would be a ... More

adler mortimer how to read a book

8/01/2017 Sir Francis Bacon once wrote, "Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested: that is, some books are to be read only in parts, others to be read, but not curiously, and some few to be read wholly, and with diligence and attention." Mortimer Adler's ... More

how to put a pull up bar on a door

24/08/2010 Hello, I was just looking for some ideas on pull ups bars, hooks, mounts, etc. I have a doorway pull up bar, the only problem is that because the door has to be open all the time, it would just be silly to have that in a college dorm. ... More

how to make myself do homework

Page not found. Every time I go to do a homework assignment I freak convince and start twitching and panicing and studdering and end not being homework to do how, I don't know why my doctor says it's because I don't see any value in the work which I don't, but I don't know if that's the reason why, had any myself else had this problem and how ... More

how to prepare salad cream

18/05/2014 · Salad cream, in case anyone is not familiar with it, is a mayonnaise-style salad dressing that was developed for the UK market in the early 20th century by Heinz. ... More

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how to plan for appropriate resourciing of work

Plan the sequence of work, using appropriate resources, in accordance with organisational procedures to ensure work is completed productively. Keep it simple , look at the start of a new job, what order of the work should be carried out, list materials required list tools and equipment required, complete a simple bar chart to cover the week to show flow of different trades on site.

how to make a pixelated argyle print

You can make your own business cards on Microsoft Word by following the instructions given on the Microsoft support site.There are also a variety of websites/blog that offer free printable business cards such as Sprik Space, Cottage Industrialist (paisley print cards), and How About Orange (argyle print

how to prepare poha for breakfast

Upma and Poha are all-time favourite Indian Breakfast options. Apart from the standard recipes, we have also given a few options with innovative twists, which …

how to make contact with kids

Henry and I had a little fun making some tissue paper flowers! We made two different types of tissue paper flowers for my mom's Mother's Day craft that kids can make! Tissue Paper Flowers on Contact Paper: Henry got to work cutting up different colors of tissue paper (sneaking in some scissors practice). I had tissue paper with dots and stars

how to make yogurt raita

Make this aubergine raita as a side dish for a summer barbecue. With yogurt, spring onions and mint, it's a refreshing accompaniment to meat dishes... With yogurt, spring onions and mint, it's a refreshing accompaniment to meat dishes...

how to make a line plot graph

ggplot2 line plot : Quick start guide - R software and data visualization

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Wales: Swansea WAL, Newport WAL, Swansea WAL, Cardiff WAL, Barry WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 7D9